Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) Diagnosis

EPI is a condition that sometimes can be overlooked2

Primary care doctors may be able to diagnose EPI and provide treatment options. However, in some cases, they refer people to a specialist—usually a gastroenterologist.3 If you think you might have EPI, you can help your doctor by providing as much information as possible about what you’re experiencing.

How EPI is diagnosed

Your doctor may be able to diagnose EPI based on your medical history and symptoms. If your doctor decides to use a test to confirm a diagnosis of EPI, there are several different types of tests that can be performed, some of which use stool samples.4,5

How EPI is managed

Image of a P in Pancreatic Pancreatic
PERTs help when your
pancreas isn't working right.
Image of an E in Enzyme Enzyme
Your body needs enzymes
to digest food.
Image of an R in Replacement Replacement
PERTs give your body the
enzymes it's missing.
Image of a T in Therapy Therapy
This is a medicine you take
every time you eat.

In addition to PERTs, it’s important to adopt healthy habits, which can include eating a well-balanced diet, getting enough physical activity, taking vitamin supplements, limiting alcohol intake, and quitting cigarette smoking. Your doctor may prescribe vitamin supplements since EPI can make it hard to absorb vitamins from food—specifically fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K).4,5,9

therapy (PERT)
Diet and
Lifestyle modifications,
including a nutritionally well-
balanced diet, abstaining from
alcohol, and smoking cessation
Vitamin supplements, including fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K

If you’ve been diagnosed with EPI, the good news is that it is a manageable condition. To help treat your EPI, your doctor may prescribe PERTs. PERTs contain enzymes that your body may be missing, to help you break down the food you eat. PERTS are the standard of care for EPI treatment.4,7,9

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