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Getting off to a good start with CREON

Remember, your CREON prescription dose was written specifically for you by your doctor based on things like your body weight and diet.1

As you start out on CREON, use the CREON Treatment Tracker to chart the first few weeks of CREON therapy. At your next appointment, share the results with your doctor and discuss how your current treatment plan is going. Your doctor may decide to adjust your dose based on your symptoms, your diet, and other factors.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms, call your doctor and schedule a follow-up appointment. Your doctor may need to adjust your CREON dose.

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Simple steps to help keep you on course with treatment

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Take CREON with every meal and snack

Whether it’s a full meal or a snack, take CREON every time you eat. Remember to follow your treatment plan closely and take CREON exactly as prescribed. If you miss a dose, don’t double up; just take it with your next meal or snack.

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Remember to take CREON with you on the go

Plan ahead for when you’re on the go by keeping CREON in your purse, backpack, or at your work desk. You may also consider filling a pill case and taking it with you each day. Just remember to store CREON in a cool, dry place.

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Talk about your symptoms with your doctor

Keep track of any gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms you have after eating and discuss them with your doctor. Your doctor may need to adjust your dose.

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What can I eat with CREON?

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Tracking treatment can help your doctor see if your therapy is working for you

Treatment Tracker
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Your doctor will adjust your CREON dose to you and your needs

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